Company Details

Officially Registered Company Name

English: Island Food Group Inc. (Kabushiki Kaisha)

Japanese: アイランド・フード・グループ株式会社

Founder and CEO:  Christopher J. Green

Business and Employment Office Officially Registered Company No. 0111-01-055766

JASTPRO Officially Regsitered Japan Importer. Exporter Code P0011A750000

Established 2010 March in Shinjuku Ward,  Tokyo, Japan.

Address: 9F Shinjuku SY Bldg. , 2-8-17 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 

Telephone 03- 03-6274-8858

Facsimile 03-6779-5888

Starting Capital: 5,000,000 JPY

Licenses Held: Import of Liquor, Online Liquor Sales, Liquor Sales to Retail Outlets, Sales to Liquor Shops, Sales to Wholesalers and Distributors, Managing Alcohol Sales Attendant (Christopher J. Green), On Premise Alcohol Sales registered at Island Food Groups Office. 

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